"Star Wars: Rebel Assault 2"
PC CD-ROM game Developed & published by Lucasarts Entertainment Co.

I was Lead Artist and oversaw production of all artwork.
I art directed a staff of 18 artists, while at the same time
designing & building most of the new vehicles and bases, and
animating all of the cinematic cutscenes in the game.

Characters were shot live on blue screen and composited
by Mark Christiansen into virtual 3D sets I built.
All scenes were rendered and laboriously reduced from 24-bit to 8-bit
and further compressed with proprietary tools for CD-ROM playback.
Remember, this was 1993!

Darth Vader escapes as secret TIE manufacturing base is
revealed by the destruction of a Super Star Destroyer.
(sequence from animated cutscene)

Player's X-wing Fighter escapes asteroid mining station destruction.
(sequence from animated cutscene)

New 2-man, cloaking TIE Fighter I designed & built.

Death Star destroys a planet...again.
(sequence from animated cutscene)

Live-action Y-wing pilot composited with 3D set
(sequence from animated cutscene)

Player steals the new cloaking TIE from Imperial hangar.
Video characters were composited into 3D animated scene.

Rebels pilot fights his way into imperial base.
Video characters were composited into 2D/3Dscene.

Rebel ship takes a hit.
(sequence from animated cutscene)

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