Personal Artwork
Misc. personal Illustration & Artwork

Scene created for NVArt "Accelerate" competition.  Rendered in 3DS Max & assembled in Photoshop.


Award-winning 3D image appears in premiere edition of Digital Arts book "Exposé",
Digital Arts book "Elemental: The World's Best Discreet Art",
Focus magazine & Scientific American magazine,
First Place in TAACCL Digital Arts Competition,
Built as
life-size photo-op display at Houston Space Center Museum, 2001.


Promotional piece done for fun over a few nights in 3DS Max & Photoshop.
I wanted it to look like an ad you might see in the back pages of some future magazine.
Continuing my fascination with remote and impossible houses, this vacation party house is
suspended by cables above a private lagoon.
Combination 2D & 3D themed game interiors.
Sky-Surfer stratospheric racer.


Watercolor sketches.


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